Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Writing Challenge- Word Roots

Root Word- trans (across/change/through)
 ~Transition, Transportation, transfer

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Kristin. Kristin had to transfer to a new school because her parents moved for her dads new job. She was not happy at all. On the very first day of school, she had to transcribe an essay. The next few days were horrible. The transition was not easy. One day she met a very nice kid named Oswald and she set the world record for the nicest person in the world.  

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

       Softball is my life. My dad once told me, "Without practice, the game will get harder and the game won't be as easy as it used to be". Every time he'd say that to me I'd just nod my head yes and practice because that's what my dad would say. About a year ago, my team made it to the playoffs. The game was tied, 1-1 and I was on deck. As I practiced my swing, my dad tapped me and said, "This is where that practice will pay off". I walked to the plate with 2 outs, the last inning, and a girl on third. The pitch came and went. I hit a line drive up center field and nearly took the pitchers head off. One point. I rounded third, ball thrown from second base. I slid into home. Safe! 
       Ever since that day I've practiced more and more and gotten a lot stronger. I am going to keep practicing and playing the game I love. I hope one day I will attend University of Michigan where I can play Softball and get a good education. Further than that I am not really sure what I will do with the rest of my life. 

Thursday, December 17, 2015

A flower for Jane- Horror story

A Flower For Jane

Twenty years ago I met a boy named Liam. I was nine at the time, running away from the boys as they chased me on the blacktop. I tried to ignore Liam’s affections for me, but the feelings grew stronger and stronger, and suddenly the trigger pulled. Why did I do it? Why did hurt that kind boy the way I did?
“Jane, wake up! Time for school!” my mom yelled from the bottom of the stairs as I slowly opened my eyes.
You could say I was sort of your perfect “daddy's little rich girl,” considering I was the most popular in the third grade and everyone knew it. I rolled out of bed to find myself standing in front of my desk mirror. I sat down and slowly started pulling my long chestnut hair into a perfect french braid. I then gently tucked my white blouse into the purple flowered skirt it rested upon. I trotted down the stairs to see my father waiting for me. My father was a hard core businessman, who never smiled and never said the words “I love you.” Not that my father didn’t love me because I know he did even if he never said it.
“Jane Meredith Green! Can you explain this?” my dad questioned.
I looked down to see my dad holding a bright red rose with a note attached to it which read: Roses are red, Violets are blue, I love you, do you love me too?”
“Liam!” I whispered to myself.
“What did you say, young lady?” my dad said scoldingly. “You know what, forget it, we will discuss this after school.”
I threw on my coat and slumped all the way to the car. I didn’t talk the whole ride, neither did my dad. When we arrived I hopped out of the car and he zoomed away. I started walking over to meet with my friends who would walk with me into the building every morning. I yelled for them to slow down, but they just turned their heads and seemed to be laughing. Was there something on my face? Did I say something funny? What did I do? Why were they ignoring me? Looked like I’d be walking into school alone today. Trust me, if I’d Known why they were laughing at me, I would have never gone to school that day in the first place.
I walked into the school to find my entire class laughing at me and whispering. My friends eyes led me in the direction of the note that lay on someone's desk which read: You are invited to Mr. and Mrs. Liam Butts’ wedding, today on the blacktop.
My anger was uncontainable now, I couldn’t control myself, I was going to explode.
I ripped the note out of a boy’s hand and stomped over to Liam.
“Liam!” I yelled to his face.
“Oh, hello, honey,” Liam said calmly as if he didn’t know why I was so angry.
“Liam!” I yelled once more, “Would you like to explain this?”  
I showed him the note that I’d crumpled up in my hand. The whole class was staring now.
“Oh that. I just figured since we’ve been together so long--”
I interrupted him right there. “Liam, we were never together and we never will be, because you’re a nerd and I don’t like you and I never WILL!”
I then shoved him so hard that he practically went flying across the room. The whole class burst out laughing. Liam simply stood up with a single tear running down his face and ran out of the room. A pinch of guilt ran through me but knowing he wouldn’t bother me anymore made it go away.
It was over. My dad wouldn’t be mad anymore and my friends wouldn’t laugh at me behind my back. It was over. It was all over.
Everyday after that, I’d look up from my work to see Liam staring at me with an evil eye, every second of the day until we graduated high school.
Twenty years after that day came my wedding day came. I was marrying a boy named Brett, who had been in the same class as Liam and me, and had been there the day the little incident occurred. As I waited in my hotel room for my wedding to begin, I heard a knock on the door. I walked over and opened it to find no one there. I looked down to find a DEAD rose with a letter attached:
  Dear Jane,
I just wanted to say that I don’t like to hold grudges, and I forgive and forget. I hope you can do the same for me.
Have a great Day, Liam Butts
My heart kind of stopped for a second. How did he know where my wedding was, and how did he know what hotel room I was staying in? I picked up the note and the rose and gently placed it on the the desk bureau.  
Before I knew it, the ceremony had begun. As I listened to Brett say his vows, I looked out into the crowd and saw Liam staring at me with the evil eye. I could hear my heart beating in my chest. I felt really uncomfortable. My hands started trembling and drips of sweat starting running down my face, but I just tried to ignore him and stay calm. The biggest day of my life wasn’t going to be ruined because of him. I was tired of being guilty.                                                                      
When the wedding finally ended we had an after party.
“I’ll be right back,” Brett explained, “I’m going to get the picture of my new sports car to show everyone!”
A half hour passed and he hadn't come back. I waited about fifteen minutes more and couldn't wait any longer.
“I”m gonna run up to the room real quick to check on Brett,” I told my mom, “I’ll be right back”.  
I walked up to my hotel room and slowly opened the door. The room was dark, almost to dark.
“Hello, Brett are you in here?” I said.
I stepped completely inside the room and screamed. My husband lay dead on the floor. I bent down and knelt beside him. I laid my head on his unbreathing chest and sobbed. I felt a sudden chill race down my spine. I tilted my head to see the window to my 12th-floor hotel room wide open. I walked over to find a note blowing with the breeze. I detached the note and read it:
Now you and Brett can really live happily ever after!
Yours truly, Liam Butts      
I was sad, I was NOT mad though. It was my fault my husband was dead. If only I hadn’t hurt that kind boy the way I did.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Touchdown- Realistic Fiction short story


I lay there useless and distressed. I just wanted to run away and hide, but still I layed there like an idiot. I sat up and looked around figuring people who be laughing and talking about me behind my back. I scanned the field in disbelief, no one seemed to notice.
Earlier that day, I woke up to the birds chirping and a sunny day. I sat up to find myself laying on the cool of my floor.
“Another nightmare I guess.” I thought to myself as I started to stand up. I got dressed in my normal jeans and tee, while trying to eat the leftovers in my teeth from dinner last night.
“Gotta go mom, see ya after school!” I yelled as I ran out the door.
As always, I met up with my best friend Jenna on the corner of Elm and Ennis. As we waited for the bus, I bored her with my football talk.
“OMG, did you see Wilson’s killer throw yesterday, it was a smart move throwin it to Matthews, he’s like, the best wide receiver in the history of wide receivers!”
Not surprised I looked over to see Jenna texting or doing something on her phone, not having a clue what I just said; as always.
“Jenna!” I snapped.
“What?” she questions, even though she knew exactly what she did.
“Do you even know what I just said?”
“ Something about Seahawks blah blah, Wide receiver....”
You could see the relief in Jenna's face when the bus arrived and before we knew it the day that would change my life and reputation forever began.
As soon as the 3rd period bell rang, I bolted to lunch, the best period of the day. I was starving considering the fact that I had no breakfast this morning. I sat down at my normal table of 5 girls and 2 boys including Jenna and I. We talked and laughed until we turned to find a large man standing at the end of our table, holding a brown beat up clipboard, with a yellow piece of papers attached to it.
“Hey boys wanna sign up for football?” The man said addressing the 2 boys at my table.
They both nodded their heads yes and placed their names on the little crumpled sign up sheet.
“Can girls sign up?” I blurted out of nowhere.
Everyone stared at me like I was a psycho or something.
The man was speechless at first, then he laughed a little bit, “I..I guess there's no rule about no girls, but you do know this is a dangerous sport for a girl.”
I couldn't believe what I just heard from that man, he thought I wasn’t tough enough. I mean yeah I’m only 5’ 2” and a little boney around the edges, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t play as well as any boy. I’ll show that coach and any boy who doubts me.
“Sign me up coach.” I said guessing he was the coach.
“Ok guys..and girls, 1st day of tryouts is tomorrow after school, don’t be late!” Coach said as he walked to the next table.
I went back to eating my sandwich after he left and looked up to see all my friend staring at me.
“What, do I have something on my face?” I asked wondering why they were all staring at me.
“Are you nuts!” Jenna yelled from across the table, “You're gonna get killed Noel, what were you thinking!”
I could swear the whole lunchroom was staring now. I started burying myself in my sweatshirt to hide from the humiliation, but that didn’t help with Jenna’s big mouth. When she finally started to calm down the lunch bell rang and I blasted out of there to get away from everyone.
“What did I just get myself into?” I whispered and kept walking.
Before I knew it, tomorrow afternoon came. I walked into the girl's locker and got dressed in all my brothers old stuff, I put my long blond hair into a braid and turned to see Jenna standing behind me.
“Oh no are you here to give me another lecture about how stupid I am?” I asked sarcastically.
“No I actually came to apologize, I still think you're making a huge mistake and you're gonna regret it, but if football is something you love than I’ve gotta support it.”
“We’ll thanks, I’ll remember that!”
We hugged and then I walked out to the field that would change my life forever.
When I found myself standing in front of the field I looked around at my teammates/going to be teammates. They were all a lot bigger than me but not that much tougher.  
“This shouldn’t be too hard.” And so I thought.
We started out easy, 50 sit ups, and 50 pushups, my strength. When we got to the football part of our practice, I got tackled so many times I lost track. I heard two guys and pretty much the rest of the team talking and laughing about me behind my back, the only ones that didn’t were Patrick and Luke, (the boys that sat with me at lunch). The next 3 practices got more and more brutal, but by the last day of tryouts I found out I made it to the top 50, the last 10 would be kicked off the team today so I had to give it my all.
I got knocked down a couple times but I knew I had to pick myself up if I wanted to make the team.
The real team list was going to be announced on the announcements tomorrow.
As I laid in my bed, millions of thoughts ran through my head, “What if I don’t make the team? Did I prove myself wrong? What if my best isn’t good enough? If I don’t make the team, I could imagine Jenna’s smug face saying, ‘I told you so’.”
Noel woke up to the sound the announcements blaring. Number 39 was called and it wasn’t her name. Her hands were sweating and a chill raced up her spine. Only one spot left and it could or could not be her.
“And the 40th and last spot on the 2015 football team for Jacksonville high is….Noel Reynolds!”
I was speechless, everyone was. After about 1 whole minute of silence everyone in my class bolted out of their seats and cheered for me. This was the best day of my life and I would never forget it.
From then on she  was known as a “legend” for being the first female to ever make our schools football game. I learned that having no fear, being strong and believing can change you forever.  “That's a valuable lesson that I will cherish forever!”

Monday, November 2, 2015

Homework- Brief description of my story

Part of story- I lay there useless and distressed. I just wanted to run away and hide, but still I laid there like an idiot. I sat up and looked around figuring people who be laughing and talking about me behind my back. I scanned the field in disbelief, no one seemed to notice.

My opinion: I really like this part of my story because this is the first paragraph and I think it adds suspense and a little bit of my characters feeling and traits. I really like how I shortened the sentences in this paragraph to keep it simple and interesting. Even though I already know what happens in my story this first paragraph makes me want to read more of my story!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


I am currently reading the book, "Stranded", by Jeff Probst. One of the scene's I have recently read was about this kid named Buzz. Out of all four kids, Buzz is probably the least cared for. Vanessa is the oldest, Carter is the most athletic, and  Jane is the brains. This scene happened to be a flashback of Buzz's life before they became stranded on the island that they are. Throughout the scene, Buzz thinks about how much better his life was before his parent got married to carters parent. He also mentioned how people actually seemed to care about him before his dad married carters mom. Therefore, the author includes this scene in order for us to know how Buzz is feeling when Carter or Vanessa take charge and don't let him have a say in his opinion.